Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moving to the Desert

Being an artist has ground to a halt while we try to get everything moved to our new home 100+ miles from here. We are making an extreme lifestyle change from city to desert. It wasn't even my choice. My boyfriend picked the location. I hated the idea at first, but I find myself wanting to get out to our new place as soon as I possibly can and away from Anaheim.  There are two forms of motivation; the carrot and the stick.  And both are in play here. From the minute we got a new landlord I've wanted out from under his thumb.  The last insult was when he threatened to evict us when we told him we needed to pay an extra half a month's rent because the move was taking longer than expected.  Part of that was because we had to deal with a sick cat that had to be put to sleep, and the other part was we didn't find a new place to move to until literally a few days ago. It's all well and good to want to live somewhere but until somebody agrees you are worthy of staying in their house, it's all just jibber-jabber. We had to settle for a much smaller house than we wanted. But then we had a container put onto it and so that will replace our need for a garage and storage and give us more shade and work space.

We are out in the sticks and I think I'm going to love it. We will have weather.  It's supposed to snow in the winters.  Thunderstorms should be awesome. And it was windy last night. I haven't spent a night in the new place though. We still have another van full of stuff to move before we can stay there and call it home.

I'm looking forward to taking great photos out there. I'll be painting outdoors as well. 

Getting a container for the office/storage/work area.

Sunset in Lucerne Valley

Custer and a stop sign.  Our closest big intersection.

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