Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Counters and Salads

Hey look, my new counter is working. It says 6 people have been to this blog. They are a quiet bunch because none of them left any comments. Still, all are welcome and it's good to know someone dropped by. My Flickr has also been very busy with people favoriting things and commenting on photos. It's beginning to feel like party time wherever I go!
I am really hungry right now. My boyfriend said he's bringing me left over Chinese food so YUM! I don't have to cook tonight. He'll probably make a salad for himself. He loves to make these giant deluxe salads. It took me five years to convince him I was happy with a salad 1/3 that size. I admit I'm not much of a salad monster. I prefer a little salad to go with my meat.

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